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James H. Vipond
Milbank SD 57252 USA

A new site design is coming in 2014! I have moved most of my Web content here from my former Brookings-based site at ITC Telecom. The following sections are currently available:

Mike's Cards Patty Maloney Min & Max Concentration Small Wonder
Due to eye surgery I had in July 2013, this site is continually under construction! Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to find a workable affiliate program for my site. (more) I also lost Poser 5, among other programs, in a Mac mini crash in October 2010, but in spring 2014 I upgraded to a new Mac mini running Mac OS X 10.9 with Poser 10. Since I am now editing my Web pages in BlueGriffon, an open-source HTML editor, you may see question marks in strange places.

Please update your links and bookmarks to as soon as possible, and visit the sites for Midland Publishing & Printing and Emanuel Lutheran Church, part of which I have also maintained. I do not recommend Internet Explorer because of that browser’s potentially confusing treatment of PDF documents. Test your browser for standards compliance.

PRIVACY POLICY: I oppose spam email. As a matter of policy, I do not follow “unsubscribe” links in email from strangers. I report all spam email to KnujOn. If you choose to send email to me, rest assured that I will not allow your address to be used for any commercial purpose. If you must forward email to me, please remove the addresses of previous recipients.

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