Jana of the Jungle

Jana of the Jungle is one of the less familiar and more realistic Hanna-Barbera heroines. She was created by Doug Wildey, the creator of Jonny Quest. Her adventure series was part of The Godzilla Power Hour in 1978 on NBC-TV. I am told that Jana also made a cameo appearance on Yogi’s Space Race, another NBC series from the same year. USA Network reran Jana of the Jungle as part of its Cartoon Express block, but I do not recall ever seeing it on Cartoon Network.

The blond, green-eyed Jana roamed the Venezuelan rain forest in search of her lost father (thanks to Jim Medd for telling me it was not Brazil). She wore only a dress made of unspecified animal skin and a collar which doubled as a throwing weapon. Her primary means of travel was by swinging on vines. Jana had two animal friends, Tiko the coatimundi (who more resembles a yapok, a South American aquatic marsupial) and Ghost the albino jaguar, and two human friends, Dr. Ben Cooper and Montaro. Sean Phillips has written a Jana of the Jungle fan fiction story.

The series’ voice cast comprised B.J. Ward as Jana, Michael Bell as Dr. Ben Cooper and Ted Cassidy as Montaro. Some of the information on this page came from a thread in the Big Cartoon Forum.

Warner Bros. ought to consider releasing a DVD set of Jana of the Jungle, or at least give Jana a guest appearance in DC Comics’ Scooby-Doo Team-Up comic book.

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