Games for Mike’s Cards

This page is reserved for single- and double-deck solitaire games created with the Mike’s Cards game editor. Here is one game I would like to see in Mike’s Cards:

Based on Yahoo! Tornado 21

Object: Build as many blackjack hands as possible.

Play: The tableau consists of five columns, each with a capacity of five cards. Turn up cards from the stock, one at a time, putting each in any of the five columns unless the total of that column would exceed 21. Picture cards (normally jack, queen and king) count 10; aces count 11 unless the column total would exceed 21, in which case an ace counts one; a joker may have any value between one and 11 inclusive.

When a column totals 21, or contains five cards totaling less than 21, those cards are transferred to the waste⁠pile. The total of the discarded hand is added to the player’s score. The game ends when all cards have been dealt and played, or when the total of any column exceeds 21.

Layout: Column totals are displayed above the tableau. Placement of the stock and face-up card should be near the tableau, for the player’s convenience. The running score should be clearly visible.

I have adapted the single-deck games Four Square and Draft to Mike’s Cards. Four Square is described in the book 150 Solitaire Games by Douglas Brown; Draft was created by Aaron Barnhart. Here are screenshots of Four Square and Draft; the actual game files will be available soon.

I would also like to be able to play the Captive Queens solitaire (other solitaire programs call it Quadrille) in Mike’s Cards. Unfortunately, I cannot make this game with the Mike’s Cards game editor, as the game requires two sets of foundations: fives and sixes.

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