Graphics for Mike’s Cards

This page is reserved for new background images, card backs and suit symbols for use with Mike’s Cards. Backgrounds may be either tiles or full-screen images. As of version 1.8, the program’s default deck has pictures on the jacks, queens and kings. Perhaps a future version of Mike’s Cards will allow partly customized card face sets (e.g., just the jacks, queens and kings are custom).

If you create your own suit symbols, you must make four image files called “Spade”, “Heart”, “Diamond” and “Club”. Those images must be together in a folder, with an optional fifth file called “_Antialias” (the name requires a leading underscore) to create the illusion of smooth edges. White areas around a suit image will be transparent, but enclosed white areas will be opaque. Suit images need not be limited to red and black (I have not tried multi-colored suits), but if the card face folder does not have the file called “_Numbers”, card indexes will still be red for hearts and diamonds, and black for spades and clubs.

Here is my first attempt at custom suit symbols as PICT images, in a StuffIt compressed file. In the preview image, the card index font is Baveuse by Ray Larabie. [ Preview | Download for Mac ]

I am also creating single-ended card back images in JPEG format, which will be available in folders of 15 image files each. Ideally, the upper left corner of each card back would display the number of cards in the stock without obscuring an important part of the image. My first folder contains images which I either created by myself or downloaded from various clip art Web sites, particularly Pam’s Clip Art Page, Fresher Image, the Clip Art Connection and David Bellot’s site.

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