Sounds for Mike’s Cards

This page is reserved for new sounds in System 7 format for use with Mike’s Cards. Sounds are used for five kinds of game events: card flip, card move, shuffle, game win and game lose. A good source of sound files was Mac Alert. The link appears to be defunct, but the following table has the names of sound files, downloaded from Mac Alert and other sources, which I considered appropriate for Mike’s Cards. The sounds are now available for download.

Card Flip Card Move Shuffle Game Win Game Lose
Floop chuuka card‌shuffle-eworld cheer-eworld boo-eworld

groovy (deadpan male voice) eurghh

party‌on‌dudes female‌moan


goofed‌up: “You must have goofed up somewhere” (Foghorn Leghorn?)

You’re Done Here (Andrea Parker from the NBC-TV series The Pretender)

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