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1936 March 17 A dwarf star is born: Patricia Anne Maloney begins life in Perkinsville, New York, the second-last of no fewer than three children. (Patty herself revealed her birth year, three years later than an anonymous Wikipedia editor had supposed.) Seven years later, the family moves to a suburb of Orlando, Florida.
Mid-20th century While developing her show business talents, Patty becomes a keypunch operator, and later a computer operator, at National Airlines in New York. There she meets Joseph Vitek, a 4-foot 8-inch printer from Chicago. After a long exchange of mail, Patty and Joseph are married in New York and move back to Chicago. She takes a position as keypunch operator at Clipper Carloading while he runs his printing business.
1970s After the death of her husband and the loss of her premature baby, both circa 1970, Patty reluctantly returns to show business. Her television series debut is on the Krofft brothers’ production Far Out Space Nuts. She also has a starring role in The Star Wars Holiday Special and makes guest appearances on various prime-time television series.
1980s Patty appears in a few feature films, starting with Under the Rainbow, and performs the voice of Darla Hood in the animated version of The Little Rascals, produced jointly by Hanna-Barbera and King World. In 1989 she, Billy Barty and two other male dwarf actors put on a TV sketch-comedy show, Short Ribbs, which is broadcast only in Los Angeles.
1999 Patty makes what seems to be her final large-screen appearance in Twin Falls Idaho.
2000 July 01 James Vipond establishes the Patty Maloney Appreciation Site (renamed the Patty Maloney Zone as of 2018 November 11).
2005 Patty makes what seems to be her final television appearance in an episode of My Name Is Earl.
Circa 2010 Patty is diagnosed with macular degeneration, which limits her ability to read scripts and other printed matter.
2011 Patty appears in Hanlet: Episode 4½ – Attack of the Phantom Special, a documentary about the making of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

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