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Although Patty Maloney is well known for her work with the Krofft brothers (Far Out Space Nuts, Bay City Rollers and others), her first credited animation role was Darla Hood in the 1982–84 Little Rascals series, produced jointly by Hanna-Barbera and King World for ABC-TV. The Little Rascals cartoon was never part of USA Network’s Cartoon Express, presumably due to parental disapproval and low Saturday-morning ratings. To my knowledge, it has not been shown on Cartoon Network, despite the fact that TBS and TNT have for years shown Our Gang shorts from the 1930s and 1940s. Most of the pictures here were provided by a Canadian man named Ashley Remedios (name changed to Crystal Remedios as of August 2009, due to a sex change) and taken from a videocassette sold by the Cartoon Closet (no current link available).

While Patty worked on the animated Little Rascals series, her Far Out Space Nuts co-stars also did voice work for Saturday-morning cartoons: Chuck McCann portrayed both Blinky and Pinky to Marty Ingels’ Pac-Man, and Bob Denver reprised his signature role on Gilligan’s Planet for CBS. Denver also starred with newcomer Alexa Hamilton on The Invisible Woman, a pilot for NBC that combined elements of science fiction, comedy and action-adventure.

Hanna-Barbera historian Earl Kress told me in early May 2008 that he never liked the 1980s Little Rascals character designs, which he attributed to Iwao Takamoto. According to Kress, the animators found them too complex and difficult to draw. Unlike the 1979 Christmas special, the Hanna-Barbera character models were traced from photographs of the actual Our Gang child actors. I asked Kress whether he could provide me any Little Rascals cels or model sheets, but he could not. Three model sheets of Darla have been uploaded to the Hanna-Barbera Wiki.


Darla as princess
Is that really Pete whom
Darla is feeding?
Darla 1
“How dare Cartoon Network turn me away!”
Darla 2
“Please let me join your club!”
Darla 3
“Next on our stage ....”
Kitten on the keys
“Does anyone have any requests?”
Darla with clipboard
“Double my shoe size and add five ... I see where this is leading!”
Darla with two other children
“Dinner is served!”
Rascals 2
“Has anyone seen Porky?”
Follow me, boys!
“We found Porky, but lost Alfalfa!”
Frightened Rascals
What is so scary about a circus?
Darla booing
They got into the circus, but Darla is not amused!
Image coming soon!

At least two of Patty’s Little Rascals co-stars have had their own presence on the Web. If these links are inaccurate or broken, or if any of these actors ever has an official Web site, feel free to send me corrections:
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