Newspaper References

Here are some newspaper articles I found on that refer to the actress Patty Maloney. Interestingly, in the 1950s, there was another Patty Maloney living in Orlando, but she was a columnist for the Orlando Evening Star.

2018 April 6: I found the obituary for Patty’s husband, Joseph Edward Vitek, in the Chicago Tribune of 1968 February 11. Most of the other search results at concern Joseph C. Vitek, an unrelated prison warden from Pontiac, Illinois.

I am seeking articles about Patty outside show business: her work at National Airlines, her international travels, etc. I am also looking for articles that Wikipedia will accept for citations, especially with regard to starting her Broadway career at age 3. (Does Duck⁠Duck⁠Go have a bang for searching Although I purchased a subscription, I cannot easily sign in.)

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