Patty's Photo Album

The date in parentheses tells when I received each photograph. Click on the eye to see the photo.

View Sender (Date) Description
View Michael Collins (2004-04-18) Patty at age 18, in a long white dress
View Michael Collins (2004-04-18) Christmas photo of Patty as a ballerina
View Patty Maloney (2005-07-21) A publicity photo from her one-woman show, I’m Right Tonight, dated 2005 February 17
View Ted Nichelson (2005-07-26) Color photograph of Ted and Patty, sent six days after they shared lunch
View Patty Maloney (2005-08-24) An undated color photo (circa 1970?) of Patty on stage with Totie Fields, both dressed in yellow
View Marilyn Kugel (2006-06-08) A color photo of Patty, taken in 1961

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