Far Out Space Nuts

Honk headshot This page is intended to recount Patty Maloney’s work on her first television series, Far Out Space Nuts. Did you know that, before Patty was chosen for the role of Honk, one of Bob Denver’s sons (either Patrick or Colin) wanted to wear the costume in the TV show?

Far Out Space Nuts was produced by Sid & Marty Krofft and broadcast over CBS-TV on Saturday mornings in 1975. The series had a simple (some might say simple-minded) premise: Bob Denver and Chuck McCann played Junior and Barney, two NASA janitors who, while hauling food into a rocket, accidentally launch the rocket into space. As they go from planet to planet in hope of returning to Earth, the accidental astronauts befriend a furry, bipedal rodent-like creature whom they name Honk. Far Out Space Nuts was hardly sophisticated, even by Krofft standards, but it entertained me. A few YouTube users have full episodes of Far Out Space Nuts on their channels.

When I first saw this show back in 1975, it never occurred to me that Honk was actually a female dwarf, or that seven years later that same dwarf would return to Saturday-morning TV—as a cartoon voice actor on a different network! On 2010 May 25, it was announced that Vivendi would be acquiring the DVD rights to Far Out Space Nuts and most of the other Krofft series.

While Patty worked on the animated Little Rascals series, her Far Out Space Nuts co-stars also did voice work for Saturday-morning cartoons: McCann portrayed both Blinky and Pinky to Marty Ingels’ Pac-Man, and Denver reprised his signature role on Gilligan’s Planet for CBS. Denver also starred with newcomer Alexa Hamilton on The Invisible Woman, a pilot for NBC that combined elements of science fiction, comedy and action-adventure.

If you have behind-the-scenes information or pictures, especially of Patty outside her Honk costume, let me know!

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