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This page is for anecdotes contributed by people who knew Patty Maloney or her family. The first I received is from Tracy Shiers:
I met Patty several times as I was growing up. Her niece was one of my best friends throughout our school years. It was always fun to see her and hear her stories. She had a great little sports car, just the right size for her. Every time I met her she was a red head. ... This would have been when I was about 6-8 years old, so about 72-75. I recall her as a redhead when she was on Little House on the Prairie and Love Boat. Her sister and brother-in-law still live here in Lompoc, CA, so I'm sure she must still come to town at times. I recall, also, that for a while she went out with Gilligan, from Gilligan’s Island, Bob Denver. He came to Lompoc with her at least once that I can remember. Maybe they weren’t dating, but just friends...I’m not sure on that.

Here is one from Mike Collins in Amelia Island, Florida (dated 2004 April 18):
I grew up with her in the forties and have known her and have been in contact with her ever since. My parents and I lived next door to the [Maloney] family in Orlando. The whole family was the best and I considered them my second home. Patty was actually the baby sitter for her sister, Diane, and myself, when her parents and my parents would go out together. She was smaller and a few years older than we were, but she ruled us with an iron fist. We were actually afraid of her. Of course, we deserved her wrath, since we were somewhat mischievous.

She always had boundless energy, brains, talent, brains, energy and more talent and energy. As a human being, she was always 10 feet tall in my book. One of the finest and classiest ladies I have ever known.

Sadly, her father passed away a few years ago, and I just came from her mother’s funeral in Orlando. Patty is doing well, and still has that up beat attitude and energy.

This message came in late February 2005 from Suzanne Johnson, a former National Airlines stewardess (spelling and punctuation corrected):
Thank you for letting us know. What a treat it was to see one of our National people become so famous. I have sent this to all of our members, even the cockpit crews. The only other famous name that everyone knows is Catherine Hickland, who flew with National and was a “Fly Me” girl. She is now on One Life To Live. She has a beautiful face, voice and talent that she has performed on Broadway and has become very successful.

We are in the middle of preparing for a full-length documentary in Miami by a New York film crew. I will make sure that they know about her.

Here is one from Carol Bielick (dated 2005 December 12):
I met Patty Vitek in the mid- to late 60’s. I graduated from high school in 1964 and began working at Clipper Carloading in Chicago where I met Patty who worked in the keypunch room. I used to trim her hair on our lunch hour. Patty was married to Joe at the time. She helped me get through a broken heart after a romance went sour. I quit Clipper to work downtown in Chicago and that’s where I got the call from Patty the day Joe was diagnosed with cancer. Three weeks later Joe passed away. I married in November 1969 and on our way to our cruise ship to the Bahamas for our honeymoon, my husband and I stopped to have dinner with Patty living in Winter Park Florida shortly after Joe's passing. It was shortly after that Patty lost the baby. I knew she had gone back to Calif., talked to her once on the phone but lost track of her; that had to be before my two sons were born, before 1974. I’m so happy to hear she is well and would love to get back in touch with her.

Patty is a remarkable human being; I remember her laugh the most, always smiling. The employees at Clipper just loved her. She had so much strength, always so optimistic and had so many friends. There was nothing she couldn’t do. I, too, remember the little red sports car that Joe and she drove. He used to pick her up from work in it. They were quite a team as I remember. They lived in Chicago at the time as did her mother and sister. So sorry to hearing of the passing of her parents.

This next anecdote, dated 2006 May 18, came from Marilyn Eastes Kugel, another of Patty’s co-workers from National Airlines:
I was thrilled to find something about Patty Maloney. Patty and I worked together for National Airlines in 1956. She was the cutest little person I have ever met with a darling personality. We became good friends, and I have some pictures I made of her when she came to visit me in Alexandria, Virginia in the 60’s.

If you have an anecdote about Patty Maloney or were photographed with her, let me know!
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