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Little Rascals cartoons on DailyMotion Two of my favorite Saturday-morning television programs were Far Out Space Nuts and the animated Little Rascals. This portion of my site is dedicated to Patty Maloney, the talented dwarf actress (3 feet 11 inches, 60 pounds) who worked on both of those shows. I have had email contact, and later telephone contact, with her since August 2003. Her most recent screen appearance was in Hanlet: Episode 4½ – Attack of the Phantom Special, a 2011 comedy-documentary about the making of The Star Wars Holiday Special.

These pages are done on my own behalf, intended solely to express my admiration for Ms. Maloney, and to encourage respect for little people. I am interested in video captures from Patty’s movie and television appearances. With regard to Far Out Space Nuts, at least one episode has appeared in DVD format on a Krofft compilation disc. I have yet to see an official DVD release of the entire series.

For some time, I had thought that since Hanna-Barbera and King World worked together on the Little Rascals animated series, CBS (as the successor to King World) had at least partial ownership interest in it. However, Wikipedia says that the H-B Little Rascals series is owned by Turner Entertainment and was therefore rerun on the U.S. Cartoon Network between 1993 and 2000, but I do not recall seeing it there. Cartoon Network UK & Ireland also once reran the H-B Little Rascals cartoons, as did CTV 2 Atlantic (formerly Atlantic Satellite Network) in Canada, France 2 (formerly Antenne 2) in France, Boomerang in Germany, the Seven Network in Australia, TVNZ 2 in New Zealand, Telefís Éireann in Ireland and Mediacorp Channel 5 in Singapore (the last with Chinese subtitles).

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Biographical Highlights and IMDb Record Detailed Biography of Patty, edited from a document I received from Hanna-Barbera in 1985 True Stories: Anecdotes from people who knew Patty or her family Thoughts: How Patty has coped with fame and dwarfism
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