The Bossy Daughter1st Aired Week of1/9/88

Jamie is picked up by the possessive daughter of Ted's boss who starts pulling his strings the wrong way.

Vicki's second “shocking” kiss from a boy: Chip, named after what his father manufactures in his electronics plant. This strained and silly script was reprieved by Vicki's first use of her dermal thermal abilities in toasting bread between her palms. This was among the first shows largely reducing Vicki's role to window dressing gags instead of being the pivot of action and circumstances.

Production Title: "Bride & Groom"
Completed: ?
Show no: 306
Story by Bernard Bernell Mack
Teleplay by Warren Murray & Bruce Kane.
Directed by Selig Frank
Producers: Bruce Taylor and Jerry Ross

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Karen Jennings: Alyson Croft
Mrs. Jennings: Lucy Lee Flippin
Mr. Jennings Jr.: Ted Pitsis
Chip Jennings: Jason Horst

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