Burrito Kings 1st Aired Week of 1/4/86

Reggie, Jamie and Vicki make burritos

After Vicki bakes a pile of bang-up burritos for dinner, Jamie decides to have her mass-produce them as a business — on credit.

An average fun episode though not involving anything plot drivers uniquely “robot” apart from other sitcoms doing the same. Notable: Vicki pulling Ted's chair out from under him and her making chocolate-chip pizzas. Folks off and on stage had a veggie burrito during this go! This episode first features Vicki's right underarm electric socket being used for the toaster, then the vacuum cleaner, in a cute scene.

Production Title: "The Burrito Story"
Completed: 27-Dec-85/
Show no: 114
Written by Howard Albrecht and Sol Weinstein
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott

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