Breakfast of Criminals 1st Aired Week of 11/14/87

Vicki is discovered by a marketing firm to play in a cereal commercial, but the Lawsons have second thoughts when her taste test reveals that the product isn't all it's crackled up to be.

A veteran of scores of commercials, playing this one was old hat for Brissette. If you think she does a nice backflip here, you ought to see her doing cartwheels! The cast had a real chance to cut up in this one. Foxy Pennington comes out in Cyndi Lauper drag and Christie's “Mr. Miami Vice-Saturday Night Fever” while Brissette struts her sexy Marilyn Monroe get-up from “Computer Dating” to give you an idea of her versatility as an actress.

Notable Twist: Ruprecht returned to a supermarket in 1990 as the host of Supermarket Sweep.

Production Title: "TV or Not TV"
Completed: ?
Show no: 318
Written by Warren Murray and Bruce Kane
Story by Barbara London and Reigne Christi
Directed by Selig Frank

Guest Cast:
Zack Davis: David Ruprecht

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