Child Prodigy 1st Aired Week of 11/16/85

Vicki teaser To circumvent Child Services' orders to send Vicki to school and risk exposure, the Lawsons hire a pompous tutor who mistakes her computer abilities for genius. To remedy the situation, Joan crams to follow-through her marriage-postponed teaching degree to act as Vicki's “tutor”, while Ted takes over the kitchen and creates a mess.

Reid was ridiculously pompous but Brissette was a doll, accurately performing as a state-of-the-art android. This episode breaks Joan from her “Joan Cleaver” persona as she becomes a working woman with a degree. Joan crams

Production Title: "Child Genius"
Completed: 7-Nov-85/
Show no: 111
Written by John Boni
Directed by: Peter Baldwin

Guest Cast:
Olivia Fernwald: Kelly Britt
Mr. Corbett: Elliot Reid

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