Class Comedienne1st Aired Week of 1/24/87

Nagged by classmates that Vicki has a wooden personality, Jamie overdoes it in secretly programming her a livelier one.

If there's any doubt Brissette is a natural cut-up as a standup comic, this episode proves she is. It's funny how Joan has learned to look for Jamie's rear-end instead whenever Vicki does something wrong or nutty.

Notable: Ted carrying brain-wiped and rigor-mortis Vicki as a door closer and Joan's somber reaction on hearing how Jamie accidentially erased Vicki's memory (“I feel like I lost a real child”); feelings which might very well occur with android robots more often than we can speculate. The method by which Ted saves Vicki's memories was suggested by techie mail. Unamused fan mail also chided how “cruel” Jamie's tinkering with Vicki's back panel was to make her bump and bounce off the walls and furniture so.

Production Title: "The Personality Kid"
Completed: 16-Jan-87
Show no: 218
Written by Ben Starr
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Produced by Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott

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