Computer Dating1st Aired Week of ??/??/87

To pay for a new bike he bought from the neighborhood bully, Jamie uses Vicki to run a school computerized match-making business.

Dig “Bad Mama” Vicki in the rhinestone gang vest later used in “Screaming Skulls”! This cute episode nicely brings Vicki out of the background. Watch for Brissette's classic take-off as a pint-sized Marilyn Monroe and her impromptu coquette at Christie, prompting his gag shooting her at the very close. If only she'd rehash that scene today!

Production Title: "Matchmaker, Matchmaker"
Completed: 23-Jan-87
Show no: 216
Written by Jerry Ross and Jeffrey Duteil
Directed by Bob Claver
Produced by Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Herbert: Chris Herbert
Ernie: Bobby Jacoby

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