DisHonor Student 1st Aired Week of 11/2/85

Dishonor: Jamie's room Guilt sets in when Jamie uses Vicki's new speed-scan reading ability to complete 55 chapters of his homework overnight, which earns him the school honor roll — along with snowballing guilt.

Notable scenes: Mrs. Sheets' [Jamie's teacher] astonishment at Vicki's knowledge after Jamie's confession.

Dishonor: Jamie confesses

This is among those episodes where Brissette is at her most doll-like in beauty. Ironically, it makes the cooking scene with Pennington, where Brissette crumbles walnuts in her bare hands, all the more humorous and precious. Pennington is a real-life gourmet cook, so when you see her slicing and dicing in the kitchen she's not faking it.

Production Title: "Slightly Dishonorable"
Completed: ?
Show no: 109
Written by Sy Gomberg
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Produced by Budd Grossman

Guest Cast:
Mrs. Sheets: Madelyn Cain

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