Doolittle Vicki1st Aired Week of 10/??/88

A new language translation device [Random Access Multiple Concurrent Linquistic Analytical Sequencer] installed in Vicki enables her to understand any language...even animals, like the bosses' dog. Mrs. Jennings forces Mr. Jennings to fire Ted when Joan balks at doing uncredited work for an affair.

A really silly premise, yet what was more interesting were the ideas bandied around before it. The original idea was to have our first off-studio show at Marineland where Vicki would understand and talk to dolphins about a secret pollution site since dolphins were a real-life communications research target (and more credible than talking to frogs and hamsters) but economics and repeating what Star Trek's Spock recently did swiftly deep-sixed that idea. The kids had fun with the zoo brought in for the show and it was cute watching Brissette get used to handling a mouse.

Notable is Jerry Supiran's brother, Ricky, as the boy with the sick frog.

Production Title: "Vicki Doolittle"
Completed: 25-Feb-89
Show no: 417
Written by George Crowder and Richard Harding-Gardner
Directed by Leslie Martinson
Producer, ?

Guest Cast:
Cynthia Jennings: Lucy Lee Flippin
Harold Jennings: Ted Pitis
Boy with duck: Ziggy Siegel
Girl with mouse: Sande Harris
Boy with frog: Ricky Supiran
Parrot's Voice: Bill Frischman

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