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The episode lists are in production sequence, not “aired” or broadcast sequence. First-run fans were often mystified at seeing episodes dealing with running situations without apparent causes, and Brissette and Supiran suddenly reverted to season one during seasons two and even three! Since Small Wonder wasn't on a network, this often occurred due to quirky local programming practices, getting bumped for pilot and local programming, indiscriminate episode sequencing, and some production uncertainty as to just how to handle Vicki throughout the series. This promised to get worse the older the reruns. (Yes, it upset the writers too, but what could you do?)

Episode Titles

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*= Pivotal or notable episodes

Season 1 (1985-86)

*Vicki's Homecoming (Pilot)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Nerd Crush
Runaway Jamie
Lights! Camera! Ego!
White Lies
The Fearless Five
DisHonor Student
Vicki's Adoption
Child Prodigy
Brindles Move In
Burrito Kings
Babes in the Woods
First Love
Substitute Dad
The Robotnappers
The Birds, the Bees, and Robots
Ted's Lay-Off
The Reluctant Halfback
Vaudeville Vicki
Health Nuts
*Grandpa Lawson's Visit

Season 2 (1986-87)

Root Beer, Women and Song
Pint-Size Pick-Up
My Mom, The Teacher
My Robot Family
On Her Own
Community Watch and See
*The Wonder Worker
Latchkey Dreams
Homeless Causes
Jamie's Older Woman
*Have a Heart
The Hustle
Vicki for the Defense
*Smoker's Delight
Computer Dating
Wham-Bam Body Slam
Class Comedienne
Here Kitty, Kitty!
Vicki Goodwrench
Project Blender
Look into My Eyes
Little Miss Shopping Mall
*The Wedding

Season 3 (1987-88)

Ted's Dead
Vicki and the Pusher
*Girl on the Milk Carton
Earthquake Vicki
My Living Doll
The Bossy Daughter
I Hear You
*The Bad Seedling
Bank Hostages
Safety First
In the Spirits
The Pool
Big "J" The D.J.
The Cheater
Screaming Skulls
The Perfect Daughter
Fat's Where It's At
Breakfast of Criminals
*Home Sweet Sale
Haunted House
How I Love Thee
*Digital Love
The Strike
The Electric Potatoheads
The Russians Are Coming
Geisha Vicki

Season 4 (1988-89)

School Monitor
More About L.E.S.
Game Show
I Dream of Vicki
Golddigging Ida
It's a Gas
Battle of the Sexes and Robot
Vicki and the Skyjacker
Luke and Ray
Vicki's Glasses
Double Dates
Vicki's Exposé
Big "J," Private Eye
My Favorite Martian
Dolittle Vicki
Radio Show
Pool Shark Vicki
*Hooray for Hollyweird!
Singing Telegram
The Rip-Off

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