Fat's Where It's At1st Aired Week of 11/21/87

Vicki literally balloons after Ted unwittingly upgrades her energy-supplementing polynucleotide processor with an appetite, which creates excess digestive gases and causes her a date problem for the school dance.

Vicki does it like a blimp. Brissette was like a cute little Nerf® ball you couldn't help poking at. A fun, though more preposterous than usual, episode redeemed by Brissette's nice-looking “recovery” at the close. Notable: Other than the speed, her devouring a huge stack of cream puff pancakes was no camera trick. I liked her “This Bud's for you” crack while she nibbled a flower.

Production Title: "The Fats of Life"
Completed: ?
Show no: 317
Written by Stan Cutler
Directed by Bob Claver

Guest Cast:
Jessica: Lihann Jones
Wanda: Jennifer Less
Ernie Henderson: Brett Johnson
Warren: Daryl T. Bartley

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