The Fearless Five 1st Aired Week of 10/26/85

mom-daughter kitchen chat

A bully extorts money from Jamie's neighborhood club, which quickly reconsiders its boys-only policy via Vicki's strong-arm “assistance.”

The cute episode opener, with Joan teaching Vicki to cook brownies in a warm mom-daughter rapport, tugged the heartstrings of many female viewers in fan mail. Vicki punches door

This scene contains one of my five favorite endearing series shots, where poor too-short Vicki teeters on tiptoes trying to peek over the edge of Joan's batter bowl before Joan notices and fetches a stool for Vicki to stand on. SIP at work! (See Vicki on Dunahue)

Production Title: "The Bully"
Completed: ?
Show no: 108
Written by Jurgen Wolff
Directed by John Bowab

Guest Cast:
Ernie: Bobby Jacoby

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