First Love1st Aired Week of 1/18/86


To charm prissy and picky Jessica, Jamie throws an expensive party for her, ignoring a surprising school tomboy.

Introducing Jessica, Jamie's first itch. Ironically, Jones also auditioned for the role of Vicki. Mmmm...
Phyllis This episode features Vicki's second pinafore change, away from the doll-like to the more classical Norman Rockwell model. The character of Phyllis was to have been a recurring "Peppermint Patty" tomboy contrast to Jessica, but was dropped.

Production Title: "Love Story"
Completed: 17-Oct-85/
Show no: 116
Written by Howard Meyers
Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Producer, Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Jessica: Lihann Jones
Phyllis: Erica Switzer
Donnie: Joey Tushnet

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