Game Show1st Aired Week of ??/??/8?

The Lawsons enter a game show to get back at the Brindles for trying to kick them off the eligibility list.

This fun episode gave the studio audience two shows in one: the sitcom and a game show hosted by a true-life game show emcee, Geoff Edwards. Most notable is watching the families hunting for coins in a tub of milk chocolate. The cast really had great time wallowing in this one. Co-writer Ruprecht later became a game show host in his own right, on Lifetime's Supermarket Sweep.

Production Title: "Togetherness"
Completed: ?
Show no: 403
Written by Dick Christie and David Ruprecht
Directed by Leslie H. Martinson

Guest Cast:
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
Ida Mae: Alice Ghostley
Guy Dwyer: Geoff Edwards
Shanna Green: Melanie Vincz

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