Golddigging Ida1st Aired Week of ??/??/88

Joan's doctor father drops by to visit and Ida Mae smells a plump husband. Meanwhile, Vicki vies for school cheerleader.

Joan's swinging widower dad, Jim, played by former stage hoofer Dick Patterson, should've dropped by more often, unlike Ida Mae. He would've joined the elder Lawsons at Vicki's 13th(!) birthday party in the unproduced episode “Too Good To Be True” (not to be confused with its series inspiration). Nice adult lines in this script are a sober reminder of why this couldn't have been the series' baseline. This fourth-season opener introduces Valley-Girl Debbie Barnhill, the “replacement” for Jessica as Lihann Jones moves on for wider pastures, like bits in Married...with Children.
Notable: Brissette shows off her athletic dance talents in the cheerleader try-outs sequence.

Production Title: "Mommie, Dearest"
Completed: 26-Apr-88/
Show no: 406
Written by Aubrey Tadman and Garry Ferrier
Directed by Peter Baldwin Written by Warren Murray and Bruce Kane
Directed by Bob Claver

Guest Cast:
Ida Mae Brindle: Alice Ghostley
Dr. Jim Anderson: Dick Patterson
Principal Bryant: David Moses
Debbie Barnhill: Devon Odessa

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