Haunted House1st Aired Week of 10/31/87

When unseen Vicki is struck by lightning and begins influencing objects around the house, the shook-up and unwary Lawsons call in a pair of hapless ghostbusters.

A well-suited Halloween show. Amundsen is also a heavy contributing writer to the show, and has been known to appear on camera once in a while. The way they cut up and the references of “I'm Dickens — you're Fenster!” relates to an inside joke of how often the writers' left hands often didn't know what production's rewriters' right hands were doing. This episode contains more opticals and special effects per scene than any other, and was the first time a videotaped sitcom had ever been so laden with first-timers, well before Out of This World and ALF.

Notable scenes: The flying kitchen and watch what happens to the TV in the beginning whenever the newly electrified Vicki reaches for the popcorn. A bad technically incredible scene: Vicki “hovering” and sticking to walls.

This is the first episode stating that Vicki's powered by a RadioThermonic Generator (RTG), altogether the explanation for its malfunction is rather techbo-babble lame (then, who says producers have to eat everything tech consultants give them?) For more of an explanation of how Vicki's kitchen "influence" is just credible enough, check out the feature Vicki's Robot Powers.

Production Title: "The Lawsonville Horror"
Completed: ?
Show no: 320
Written by Dick Christie and Tom Amundsen
Story by David Ruprecht
Directed by Selig Frank

Guest Cast:
Fenster: Tom Amundsen
Dickens: Don Sparks

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