Here Kitty, Kitty!1st Aired Week of 5/9/87

To train Vicki to be more affectionate, Ted buys her a toy cat that only makes her mimic Jamie's past jealousy and run away.

An episode that tries to explore how much Vicki's learned to emulate the feelings of a real girl, however crudely. Fan suggestions that Vicki be given a pet inspired this episode. A real cat was considered for a regular role, but outside the expense of a trainer, Leeds didn't like the idea of a machine “owning” an animal — itself a good premise for a serious episode. The idea of a doll was tossed around but didn't fly. Now you see why Brissette wears (hot) pettipants when she's rolling all over the floor like a purring cat.

Techie note: Watch Vicki's response to a logic loop between her directive to never leave the backyard and her decision to “run away”.

Notable: Harriet's bedroom set shows overlooked vestiges of its past intent as Vicki/Vanessa's TGTBT (the episode) room; the scene out the window is the fence and gate from the Lawsons' backyard side as seen in “The Pool”.

Production Title: "The Cat's Meow"
Completed: 01-May-87
Show no: 219
Written by Donald Ross
Directed by Bob Claver
Producer, Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Bonnie Brindle: Edie McClurg
Cat's meow: Pat Musick

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