Homeless Causes1st Aired Week of 10/11/86

Joan's civic project with the homeless prompts Jamie to bring home a bum, who virtually takes over the Lawson household.

A whole generation has gone by that's missed Brooks' infamous portrayal as the world's most dapper lush. Though he's amusing as a worldly bum-about-town and Bum-Who-Came-to-Dinner, it would seem that profiling the strife of a homeless family would've been more apropos this serious social premise, and the pity is there were many such scripts.

Notable scene: Vicki's ominous microsensor analysis inside a dark alley where the parents try to jar Jamie out of homeless adventure fantasies.

Production Title: "Home Sweet Homeless"
Completed: 31-Oct-86
Show no: 209
Written by Susan Misty Stewart
Directed by Selig Frank
Producers: Bruce Taylor and Jerry Ross

Guest Cast:
Roland Cardwell: Foster Brooks

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