I Dream of Vicki1st Aired Week of 5/??/87

To keep his company's presence in an Arab country, Ted lets its visiting young ruler draft Vicki into his harem.

This was a fun episode to play and watch, especially Gino hamming it up. The Arabian Nights dance sequence, outside of being graceful and colorful, was one of those rare showcases for Brissette's many unsung talents. Considering that the dance performers were ballet extras, she did a superb rendering keeping up. That people could “feel” for a robot was underscored when the studio audience gave sighs of endearment seeing tiny Vicki flouncing forth in flowing pink. That this episode let some risqué lines "slip" through was a sublime acknowledgement by the writers that lots of adults were viewing.

Production Title: "The Sheik"
Completed: 5-Nov-88/
Show no: 405
Written by Paul Chitlik and Jeremy Finch
Directed by Bob Claver
Produced by ?

Guest Cast:
Moustafa: Gino Conforti
Sheik Hakeem: Chris DeFonte

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