In the Spirits1st Aired Week of 2/21/87

Due to Vicki's mishandling of terms, Child Services Officer Mrs. Fernwald thinks Ted is an alcoholic and threatens to take Vicki away unless he joins AA.

The AA scene is as vintage as the jokes. Notable is Kip King's portrayal of a recovering lush. This episode was a coy toe-dip into adult comedy and was a promising but frustrated veer from the juvenile track. Its legacy is the subtle adult and blue humor that peppers many episodes thereafter.

Production Title: "I'll Drink to That"
Completed: 27-Jul-87/
Show no: 311
Written by Bill Daley
Directed by Bob Claver

Guest Cast:
Mrs. Fernwald: Kelly Britt
Kenny Hart: Kip King
Mr. Benson: Angus Duncan

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