It's a Gas1st Aired Week of 11/??/88

A digestion feedback problem with Vicki's polynucleotide processor generates nitrous oxide gas that brings laughs to anyone near her, but not to Vicki herself — just as Ted's boss is about to visit about lay-offs.

How Brissette mugged through this episode without a permanent blush defies me since it was based on Vicki's expelling a “gas” the only natural way her clinically correct structure can. Around the set this episode was known as “Vicki's Funny Farts.” In many markets this was kind of a “lost” episode initially due to 1988 election pre-emptions, then snafus in scheduling and bad local programming. In New York City this episode never aired during the first run, only doing so buried in re-runs literally three years after the show wrapped! (The episode did air at its appointed time in Minneapolis.)
Notable is the adults bringing down the house in the presence of poor bemused Vicki as they laugh and bellow about the tragedy of lay-offs. Vicki puts away Harriet's apple pie (actually whipped cream for the trick) with one swallow.

Production Title: "No Laughing Matter"
Completed: ?
Show no: 407
Written by Kenneth Koerner
Directed by Leslie Martinson

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Robert Jennings: Donald Craig
Mrs. Grimm: Anita Dangler

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