Jailbirds1st Aired Week of 4/??/88

Jamie and Vicki are arrested for spray-painting a wall -- and its owner's $60 shirt.

Jo Marie Payton-France (later of Family Matters) is in top form as the blustery streetwise police sergeant who poses as a criminal in lock-up with the kids to rough them up a little with a big lesson. This would make a fair episode on other conventional sitcoms, but Small Wonder has a domestic robot as a vehicle to do a lot more social plots in very unique ways. Vicki actually seems to've learned the art of apprehension and timidity.
Notable scene: Machine-gun Brissette cutting up.

Production Title: "The Jailbirds"
Completed: 26-Apr-88/
Show no: 404
Written by Richard Marcus
Directed by Bob Claver

Guest Cast:
Sergeant Pepper: Jo Marie Payton-France
Mr. Braddock: Dick Wilson
Judge Fenton: F.J. O'Neill
Cop: Edward Duorte

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