Jamie's Older Woman1st Aired Week of 10/25/86

Jamie and Mary at the

Jamie pushes Harriet aside in an unrequited crush on her 16-year-old cousin, who teaches him a lesson in respect.

This was among the fans' least-liked episodes, saved by the carryings-on between Brissette and Christie as Ted tries to fix a malfunctioning Vicki, who got zapped after he plugged her into the house mains. Watch near-blooper of how close Brissette comes to Supiran pulling his blanket from right under her feet in a bedroom scene.

Production Title: "The Older Woman"
Completed: 14-Nov-86
Show no: 210

Written by Michael Poryes
Directed by Selig Frank
Producer, Jerry Ross

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Mary: Leslie Bega
Christopher: John Davidson Jr.

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