Lights! Camera! Ego! 1st Aired Week of 10/12/85

RegMeetsVicki Jamie and Reggie collaborate on a class sci-fi film project, but Jamie's directorial domineering puts a strain on their friendship.

This episode introduces Reggie Williams, Jamie's best friend. There was a little concern that some viewers might see Jamie behaving so imperiously toward Reggie on an ethnic basis. An elaboration was dropped so not to even to raise cynicism's head, though race sensitivity haunted pre-production and casting: How would some viewers take to Vicki — a dutiful, quiet little maid — being performed by a black or Asian child?

It's notable that Vicki's 1930s-style “space robot” costume returns throughout the series in different incarnations. To emphasize Miss Brissette's very petite stature, this same costume was used in the episode “My Favorite Martian” three years later. Spacerobot

Production Title: "Spielberg, Jr."
Completed: 03-Oct-85
Show no: 106
Written by Jerry Winnick
Directed by Leslie Martinson
Produced by Budd Grossman

Guest Cast:
Reggie Williams: Paul C. Scott

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