Little Miss Shopping Mall1st Aired Week of 2/7/87

The Lawsons take up the Brindles' snobby challenge and enter Vicki in a mall pageant against Harriet.

This was a fun episode that showcased Brissette's real-life pageant winning talents as she plays a caramel-dipped fiery flamenco. To some her looks and performance appeared a little too “sexy for her age” (nearly 11, she was the size of most 8-year-olds) and for the producers' taste, so she never played anything this seductive again. Notable: Brissette actually lip-syncs with an aria soloist offstage and it wasn't dubbed. This was the only episode without Jamie, due to Jerry Supiran's illness.

Production Title: "Little Miss Shopping Mall"
Completed: 30-Jan-87
Show no: 223
Written by Bruce Kane
Directed by Bob Claver
Producer, Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Bonnie Brindle: Edie McClurg
Mr. Emcee: Louis Quinn
Ellen Sue Beasley: Alissa Wright
Pianist: Vera Daehlin
Brissette's Aria Soloist: Livia Genise

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