Look into My Eyes1st Aired Week of 2/21/87

After Vicki watches a TV hypnotist turn volunteers into clowns and animals, she starts practicing her new mesmerizing “skill” on the Lawsons with hysterical results.

This episode was unparalleled in the studio audience howling and rolling in the aisles at the cast portraying monkeys, babies, vamps and dogs...all except perpetrator Vicki, of course. It's hard to put a “moral” spin on a show with such fun, except — to paraphrase Alexander Pope — a little knowledge for a curious robot is a dangerous thing!

Production Title: "Look into My Eyes"
Completed: 13-Feb-87
Show no: 222
Written by Don Hart and Robin Pennington
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Produced by: Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Olivia Fernwald: Kelly Britt
Mr. Digby: Jack Fletcher
Renaldi: Milt-Jamin
Gary: Brian Green

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