Luke and Ray1st Aired Week of 12/??/87

To help a withdrawn and bitter classmate cope with leukemia, Jamie and Joan help set up a play on fighting disease.

Not to diminish the severity of leukemia, but this episode's theme was a cop-out for an original AIDS premise (which was in high-gear on network sitcoms). Still, it was a nice Christmas episode with extras from Ronald McDonald House which made for a very warm and touching episode to do. A particular aspect of this episode was that it “starred” radiation (“Ray”) as a hero instead of a villain, as the popular media had been doing. Vicki's RTG barely escaped such political correctness (See the Series Technical Background).
Notable: Emily's little brother, Benji, appears as an evil germ. Vicki starts wearing French braids and ladies' Mary Janes, but her size 7 pinafore really wears silly.

Production Title: "Ronald McDonald House"
Completed: 6-Feb-88/
Show no: 411
Written by Warren Murray and Bruce Kane
Directed by Dick Christie

Guest Cast:
Mark Gordon: Ryan Bollman
Mrs. Gordon: Sheila Larken
The M.C.: Doris Hess
Goose Ventriloquist: Kelley Brower
Benji: Benji Schulman

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