More About L.E.S.1st Aired Week of ??/??/88

L.E.S. is back, and despite Ted's assurances that the rogue A.I. program has been rendered harmless, it comes back in a big way by possessing Vicki's body (chassis?) as its own.

Vicki makes a cute man-boy here. Lots of sly blue one-liners here not for kiddies. L.E.S. began as a one-shot “bad guy,” but soon evolved into a runner-up concept to Vanessa to perk Vicki's “personality.” This script's alternate treatment was to leave L.E.S. indelibly buried in Vicki's CPU so that he'd pop-up in subsequent episodes, turning Vicki into a kind of “The Two Faces of Bad Seed” at the least opportune times. This idea was dropped for Vanessa shortly after, but everyone fancied a fifth-season L.E.S. run-in with Vanessa one day (!).
By this juncture Small Wonder's sci-fi possibilities tantalize many free-lance writers and the quality of their shelved scripts were easily the equal of many of the best Amazing Stories and Twilight Zone episodes. They felt, rightly, that the show's potential as a sociological sci-fi sitcom along the lines of Family Ties was being squandered for juvenile scripts (just because the star was a little girl robot, not just a very capable robot period). Unfortunately, the producers couldn't grasp the sci-fi pearls they had in their hands.

Production Title: "More About Les"
Completed: 26-4-88
Show no: 402
Written by Paul Chitlik and Jeremy Finch
Directed by Selig Frank

Guest Cast:
Voice of L.E.S.: Bill Frischman

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