My Favorite Martian1st Aired Week of 1/12/89

While Jamie tests out Ted's new laser projection system in Vicki's eyes, unwary Brandon glimpses her projection of a movie's flying saucer and calls the Air Force to investigate.

A fair-for-fun episode that is number two to “Haunted House” in special effects. At least the show never stooped to using supernatural or astral visitations. Note that Brissette's “Martian suit” is the same from “Lights! Camera! Ego!” -- from three years before!

Production Title: "My Favorite Martian"
Completed: 19-Nov-88/
Show no: 416
Written by Michael Zack and Angela Randazzo
Directed by Bob Claver
Produced by ?

Guest Cast:
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
Col. Carl Cramer: James MacKrell

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