Community Watch and See1st Aired Week of 5/2/87

After being burglarized (while Vicki's home and they're at a resturant), the Lawsons join the neighborhood watch.

One wonders why Officer Doyle didn't cite the Lawsons for leaving Vicki home alone. Yet later they start taking her along on trips and vacations like a real (and expensive) child. Notable: Brissette flipping a stunt “meter man” after six bruising takes. The man playing the burglar, Bobby Herbeck, was Leeds' production sidekick since Diff'rent Strokes. Herbeck cameos often, and has written one of the best Small Wonder episodes. An audience warm-up man as well, Herbeck is a very humorous and talented good guy.

Production Title: "Neighborhood Watch"
Completed: Nov-86
Show no: 206
Written by Phil Margo and Jack Gross
Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Executive Story Editors: Warren Murray and Bruce Kane

Guest Cast:
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
Officer Doyle: Norman Alden
Officer Egan: Joan Roberts
Meter Man: Bruce Morgan
Burglar: Bobby Herbeck

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