Nerd Crush 1st Aired Week of 9/28/85

Warren, the school nerd, drops by and falls in love with the only girl who hasn't smirked at him: Vicki.

This introduces the recurring role of Warren, the chunky nerd who always lucks out over Jamie's plots in the end. The studio audience howled as Vicki batted her lashes and planted a wet one on Warren's cheek — after Jamie mockingly shows her how. This was a fun episode that tested Brissette's straight face while being feted by Bartley. Vicki's gag potential with boys, however, was significantly played down later.

Production Title: "The Suitor"
Completed: 28-Sep-85
Show no: 104
Written by Leslie Martinson
Directed by Howard Meyers
Producer, Budd Grossman

Guest Cast:
Warren Enright: Daryl T. Bartley

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