On Her Own1st Aired Week of 1/10/87

Vicki with vacuum cleaner

While Vicki learns to spend a day without duties or instructions, Ted's new prestigious job offer in Massachusetts tests the family's taste to social climb vs. its price of morality.

A nice episode in snobbery and racial equality and the true values of friendship. Vicki [Brissette] finally breaks out in some semblance of independence, talking back and getting her own way — to a point. This “new semi-indo mode” style would've been a compromise behavior between a totally automatonic Vicki and a marginally human one for the balance of the series to make Vicki more interesting and involved. Notable is Christie carrying feather-weight Brissette under his arm like a teddy bear when her vacuuming interferes with Ted's black-tie interview.

Production Title: "Movin' Up"
Completed: 11-Sep-86/
Show no: 205
Written by Jerry Ross
Directed by Bob Claver
Executive Story Editors, Warren Murray and Bruce Kane

Guest Cast:
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Mr. Marchand: Brian Moore
Mrs. Marchand: Sarah Marshall

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