Pint-Size Pick-Up 1st Aired Week of 4/18/87

Pintsizepickup Vicki steals

While in a store with Jamie looking for a present for her mock birthday party to convince Child Services that they treat her well, Vicki picks up an expensive watch and is picked up for shoplifting.

An out-of-place episode, produced in early 1986 but aired spring '87, due to Small Wonder's erratic and staggered production sequence. Here, Vicki is supposedly 11 years old (for the second time) — which doesn't air till a year later, so she's younger than the previous shows in '87. Pintsizepickup Fernwald

Check out “prim” Fernwald's sly moves on security guard Gordon.

Production Title: "The Shoplifter"
Completed: 14-Nov-86
Show no: 202
Written by Bruce Taylor
Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Producers, Bruce Taylor and Jerry Ross

Guest Cast:
Mrs. Fernwald: Kelly Britt
Mr. Gordon: George Murdock

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