Pool Shark Vicki1st Aired Week of ??/??/89

To land a new promotion with the boss, Ted invites him over for dinner and a playful game of pool — until Jennings starts betting the shirt off his back and a lot more playing against Vicki.

So the episode's moral about gambling was lost; this episode was lots of fun to perform and is most notable for the truly unreal pool shots by billiard expert Lou Butera. Both cast and crew had a shot at the billiard table between takes, and perhaps not a few coins changed hands over the felt. Regrettably, the “computer point-of-view” optical of Vicki taking in the angles for a shoot was terribly simplistic and should've asked some hungry grad students to compose a “Terminator-buster” one.

Production Title: "Minnesota Vicki"
Completed: 18-Feb-89
Show no: 419
Written by George Crowder and Richard Harding-Gardner
Directed by Bob Claver
Producer, ?

Guest Cast:
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
Robert Jennings: Donald Craig

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