Big “J”, Private Eye1st Aired Week of 7/23/88

Prompted by Ted and his class to get his school reading assignment going, Jamie videotapes a book report based on a 1940s P.I. named Rick Savage.

An oddly pleasing change: Half of this episode is rendered in circa-1940s black and white. Brissette plays both a sultry crooner, Monica/“Trouble”, and a southern belle from Savannah, Veronica/Fawn.

Schulman really pushes her well-padded cocktail hostess costume around. Brissette was dropped once during the rigor-mortis gag: Thump! Pizza Hut sponsored its mixed-success “Book It” reading program in this episode, though cast and crew were treated to some pies.

Notable: The cast often sneaks a way to fool around during a take, and even well-mannered Brissette liked to coyly egg the infamous king prankster Christie to flub his lines (see forthcoming feature “A Day on the Set”). In her vampire gag in this episode, instead of faking a lunge at his throat, she takes a nice cute nip of his ear. His “Oww!!” line was greatly assisted.

Production Title: "Book-it"
Completed: ?
Show no: 415
Written by Warren Murray and Bruce Kane
Directed by Selig Frank

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Phil: Ryan Tonet
Back-up Rappers: Sande Harris and Brandie Ross

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