Radio Show1st Aired Week of 5/??/88

Ted prepares for a robotics interview on a local radio talk show while Jamie looks for an idea for a class play.

A show inspired by the “Computer Connection” computer news radio show. Notable: Ted getting microphone fright, and Jamie, Reggie and Debbie re-creating World War II as a radio show for their class project. It was fun watching the players ham up their soap radio show. Some of the cast's chat on breaks and read-throughs wondered how fun it'd be doing the show on radio. (“No costume change!” chirped wistful Brissette.)

Production Title: "Radio Days"
Completed: ?
Show no: 418
Written by Isabel Wolfe and William Frischman
Directed by Selig Frank

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Debbie Barnhill: Devon Odessa
Ralph Grogan: Don Sparks
Actor: Lou Cutell
Actress: Linda Lutz
Announcer: David Hall
Mr. Frischman: Tom Holiday
Soundman: Ray Erlenborn

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