RoboBrat 1st Aired Week of 1/18/86

Harriet's room

When overexposure to Harriet infects heuristically mimicking Vicki with Harriet's personality traits and shreiking tantrums, Ted must purge the brat out of her at his factory — but not before Harriet and Bonnie Brindle wonder where Vicki suddenly vanished to and summon the police. Bald Vicki

Harriet's underused bedroom set was originally Vicki's post-pilot one, which the Lawsons supposedly converted from a spare room. However, the producers felt indulging a machine with such amenities in an age of homeless and orphans would've made the family seem extravagant. Brissette's skinhead gag was to have been staple throughout the series, but outside the pilot this was the only time it was ever used.

By now the show was getting lots of ribbing for stowing Vicki in a boy's room, but the producers were somewhat too myopic to sense why in a “fantasy” show. Ironically, it was never reconsidered as Vanessa's proposed room later on.

Production Title: "Brainwashed"
Completed: 17-Oct-85
Show no: 113
Written by Warren Murray
Directed by Selig Frank
Produced by Budd Grossman

Guest Cast:
Bonnie Brindle: Edie McClurg
Policeman: Howard Platt

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