Robositter 1st Aired Week of 9/21/85

Vicki shows Jamie who's boss

Smug Jamie thinks his folks trust him home "alone" for the first time while they attend a company function, only he doesn't realize Vicki's been programmed as his babysitter.

This is the first episode devoting most of the action between the child actors. A cute scene is Vicki clasping her hands as if in prayer, mimicking Jamie's hope that Ted doesn't hear Vicki's new squeaky voice, courtesy of a milk shake sip. Vicki gets down

This was the first display of Vicki's armpit AC outlet, for making a chocolate milk shake in the blender. One gag that failed was getting Brissette to burst an egg in her bare hand: The punctured shells only cracked and leaked. This is also the first episode to use blue-screen opticals, which fascinated the kids in a tiny blue shrouded set.

Production Title: "The Sitter"
Completed: 19-Sep-85
Show no: 103
Written by Warren Murray
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Producer, Budd Grossman

Guest Cast:
Cloakroom girl: Madeline Hunter

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