The Robotnappers 1st Aired Week of 2/1/86

When keen-eyed recruitment officers from a rival robotics firm drop by to interview Ted, they suspect Vicki is a robot and plan to "robotnap" her.

This so-so episode didn't follow up giving the Lawsons a recurring set of formidable Vicki-hunting foes. Watch Supiran “remind” Brissette that the director hasn't called “Cut!” in the closing scene when he slaps her hand from grabbing a pizza that the others are enjoying. She gets him for that later.

Production Title: "The Robot Nappers"
Completed: 25-Oct-85
Show no: 118
Written by Aubrey Tadman and Garry Ferrier
Directed by Selig Frank

Guest Cast: Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
Mr. Andrews: Bill Cort
Mr. Yamoto: Bennett Ohta

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